One that leads in life with conviction is a GIANT

leaving a massive footprint everywhere they step

Ask Yourself

Can you relate to any of these questions?
  • Am I UN-clear of what I really want in my life?
  • Is my relationship UN-satisfying?
  • Am I UN-energetic and UN-able to take care of my body and image?
  • Are my expectations UN-realistic to myself and others?
  • Am I UN-involved, coasting through life and just mailing it in?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, my friend YOU ARE STUCK!

If your feel like you’re ready to break the chain of sabotage with your relationships, health and business, LET’S TALK.


Or simply COACH KJ
I’m a 20 plus year veteran as a certified Strength Coach. I have worked with professional athletes to top-level executives to reach peak physical health. To coach high performers, you have to learn to dig deeper. To produce optimal results, you have to coach the whole person.

As a Coach, I’m committed to clients to BE their dreams. I work to strengthen the body for physical health and condition the mind for confidence to achieve limitless possibilities. The work is not always easy, but the transformations will give infinite life-changing rewards.

I believe working on ourselves is the ultimate gift to us that transcends to all around us. Your breakthroughs is a victory to all that are close to you. I work with clients one-to-one from all over the world. So what are YOU waiting for?

Are you ready TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE?


Your 3-Step Plan

Yes, really.

Assess your needs to create the possibilities with coaching.

If we mutually agree Coaching together is a fit, make a Coaching agreement that serves you best.

Rejoice in your transformations and self-confidence.

Success Stories

Kenny is exceptional on all levels. After our first session, he was able to identify my sticking points in those moves and develop a program to work on my trouble spots while also pushing me to lift heavier than I thought I could.

Rebecca M.

Kenny is knowledgeable, determined and reliable. I not only consider Kenny to be an extraordinary trainer, but also a successful coach as well as my friend. He has helped me reach various fitness goals, overcome mental and physical challenges, and appreciate the many benefits of a fit lifestyle.

Adam L.

Kenny aka Coach KJ has been my trainer for almost 2 years. I have nothing but positive things to say about him. His work outs are challenging and always leave your muscles confused. He really takes the time to listen to what your fitness goals are and makes a realistic plan for you to achieve them.

Gerald G.

Coach KJ is awesome! My husband and I have trained with him for over a year and he is a great mix of hard work with customization based off your needs & ability. We highly recommend him!

Yale S.


Kenneth Johnson and Leonel Hunt
Sippin On Excellence is an interesting take on the human experience as seen through the eyes of Life Coach Kenneth Johnson and Dr. Leonel Hunt, affectionately known as Coach KJ and Doc. These two dudes and special guests use humor along with broad strokes of deep thought and clever insight to enlighten and inspire listeners to see and, hopefully, achieve that very attainable state of EXCELLENCE in all walks of life. As we take you on this journey, sit back and relax. It's gonna be one hell of a ride. Now raise your glass with us and let's make a toast to living the good life.
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Be the ‘G’

You Are Meant To Be
Consider me like the old, cool cousin that has had plenty of life experience. You will only get no-nonsense, unfiltered, heavy-hitting (ok, not that heavy) info.